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    It's a new year and time for some new adventures. To start the year off right, I'm leaving the comforts of home and Boston behind to embark on a new chapter - complete with British accents! Follow me through my semester-long journey in London and view life in this wonderful city through my eyes as I see it for the very first time.
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Cheers, 2012

Hey blog, it’s been a while. I know I’ve been bad for not updating you, but I promise I’ll be better in the new year, it’s one of my resolutions =p 2012 has been an absolutely amazing year for me. I started off the year by flying to London for a semester abroad that I … Continue reading

Duomo & Friends // The Italia Chronicles: Roma

Moving forward from London emotionally was going to take some time to sink in, but moving forward from London physically started the second I kicked my suitcase down the front steps of the Crofton. It was Saturday, April 28, and I was in a cab on my way to Paddington train station to meet my … Continue reading

The Finale

There’s no better way to chronicle my last week in London than to go through it day by day. It was fun and funny, interesting and amazing, happy and sad. It’s an interesting feeling knowing that while you’re leaving your home and your amazing adventure for the past three and a half months, you’re still … Continue reading

Childhood dreaming, Harry Potter style

With the internship phase over, I had two weeks to explore London, finish my classes, take my final, and pack my bags. Each day was a new adventure, and I dreaded having to leave. Tuesday (April 17 – again for reference, since I’m so awfully behind!) we went on a walking tour of Soho as … Continue reading

Time flies when you’re having fun in London

Since today is technically May 6, time really does fly when you’re having fun, even beyond London. Though my time in the wonderful rainy city came to an end a week ago and I’ve since been trekking my way through central and northern Italy with my father, don’t think for a second I won’t fill … Continue reading

Kim Possible: An Adventure in Wales

As the saying goes, there’s no rest for the weary. And while my mind was prepared for that, my body was not. Just a scant 24 hours after arriving home from Dublin, I found myself back at Swiss Cottage at 10am dutifully typing away at my computer. By noon I started getting a bit of … Continue reading

Easter in Dublin

Just a short three days after my mom left I was on the road again – well on a plane actually – to Dublin, Ireland, where I spent my Easter break. I was definitely in for more than a few surprises. First of all, I didn’t really think about the fact that Ireland was a … Continue reading

Me and my Mommy :)

So now for one of the best weeks of the program I’ve had so far – my mom came to visit in her triumphant return to the UK and Europe! She flew in on Saturday, the day after Ice Bar, and we hit the ground running with a tour of the Houses of Parliament. You … Continue reading

Fun fact: Stonehenge isn’t actually a henge.

Coming back to reality after how great of a weekend I had in Scotland was rough, especially with how messed up my sleeping pattern was from the overnight buses. I spent much of the next week readjusting – just in time for St Patrick’s Day! That weekend, March 16 – 18, was St Patricks day, which … Continue reading

A wee bit of time in Scotland

The past few weeks have been insane, but mostly in a good way. The internship period has begun and is taking up tons of my time. My nights are busy with homework and projects. My weekends are jam-packed with activities around the UK and beyond. Backtracking through all the stuff I haven’t kept you updated … Continue reading